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Ever had the urge to start your own company, make your idea come true, or just want to learn more about entrepreneurship in general? 

Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in this course that is made for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. ARYZE Academy proudly presents Dan Taki and Peter G. Mikkelsen that both have entrepreneurial experience and will be teaching you the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. 

The course will provide you with the fundamental building blocks of how to develop a company as an entrepreneur, in a holistic approach that is well-balanced between pragmatic as well as theoretical knowledge.
The course will go through all from project management tools, how to make a good pitch deck presentation for investors, as well as how to sell your product or service. 

Why is this a good course to take?

The course is going to provide the student with essential knowledge of entrepreneurship. This will give the student a strong fundamental base for starting a company or project from scratch. 

Topics covered:

  • Entrepreneurship 101 – the basics
  • The Lean Startup methodology 
  • Management 101 – the basic
  • Project Management 101 – the basics
    • Project Management, tools and communication platforms
  • Communication 
  • One-pager 
  • Pitch deck 
  • Pitch training 
  • Sales 101 – the basics

Expected length of the course (in hours):

~2 – 3 hours

With this course you’ll be able to:  

  • Understand what entrepreneurship is as well as the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship 
  • Apply and use various theoretical methodologies around the different components of entrepreneurship 
  • Learn about different communication platforms to use in your start-up depending of your size 
  • Learn and apply different project management tools
  • Learn how to make a proper one-pager, pitch deck, and pitch presentation 
  • Learn about a tangible case on how to make a pitch
  • Learn and understand that

Prerequisites and requirements: 

  • No basic experience or understanding of entrepreneurship is required
  • Moderate English skills

Target Audience:

People who envision learning more about entrepreneurship from a holistic point of view, taught by entrepreneurs in a well-balanced pragmatic as well a theoretical way.

About the instructors: 

Dan Taki:
The CEO & Board Member of the Nordic Blockchain Association. With almost a decade of experience, he is a tech-entrepreneur with strong knowledge and experience starting technology companies within Blockchain, AI, and IoT. 

He is a former university lecturer in AI at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and has held several public speeches. Now he is a career mentor at CBS, where he coaches MBA, master, and bachelor students in entrepreneurship and career.
He holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Information System (E-business) that interlinks IT and Business. 

Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen:
A Danish serial entrepreneur. He is Community Lead in ARYZE and has worked in various blockchain companies, among others Bitcoin Center in New York, Blocktech, Nordic IT Organisation, Zap, Managing Partner Blockchain Center Fasttrack.

He is a Bachelor of Science in Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School where he has lectured. He has a specialty in Decentralliced Finance, Cyber Security, and Crypto Currencies.

Course Curriculum: 

Session 1: Entrepreneurship 101

  • The DNA and context of the startup

Part 2: Lean Startup Methodology

  • Prototyping  
  • Pretotyping

Session 2: Management 101 

  • Introduction
  • Value estimation
  • Capitalization table
  • Exponentiality
  • Three Cultural Archetypes

Session 3: Project Management 101

  • Project Management Tools
  • Communication Platform – Tier 1
  • Communication Platform – Tier 2
  • Communication Platform – Tier 3

Part 2: Packing the Plane – Project Management 101

  • One Pager
  • Pitch Deck + AirBnB Example
  • Pitch Training

Session 4: Sales 101 

  • Mindset, Mechanics, Tools & Training
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