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Learn the fundamentals of Computer Science by getting acquainted with the basic

paradigms underlying the work of computers and getting a practical intuition with
building primitive structures that are eventually constructing computers that we know.

Why is this a good course to make:
The course is going to give the student an essential knowledge of computer science, which in
turn, going to give a strong base for starting to learn code in a more sophisticated manner.

Topics covered:
● Computers and their key components
● Numerical systems and boolean algebra
● Logic Gates and circuits

Expected length of the course (in hours):
~4 – 5 hours

With this course you’ll be able to:

● Understand what computer science is and the main ideas behind it.

● Visualize the historical development of computer technologies and construct
your own vision about their future.

● Understand the number systems, the essential operations with them, and their
use cases.

● Understand the Boolean logic and the principles of logic gates, which are used in

● Construct schemes with logic gates which are doing simple operations (such as
addition and, subtraction)

Prerequisites and requirements:
● Basic algebraic skills
● Moderate English skills
● No programming skills are required

Target Audience: People who want to get started in the fields of computer science.

Download the curriculum –> Intro to Computer Science – Curriculum

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